Sunday Moment #38

•  Pineapple & vanilla tea from Charbrew
•  Crispbread with cream cheese, jam and strawberries
•  Ticket for Matilda the Musical, which I saw a few weeks ago
Programme from the Cider vs Meat Feast where I got to enjoy the glorious sunshine on Saturday on the roof of the Queen of Hoxton (massive wigwam included)
•  Some pretty fabric that I got to use with my recently acquired sewing machine (thank you, mum!), on which I have been sewing away, including making some outfits for the teddy I will be giving to my nephew – who coincidentally decided he’s had enough of the womb this week and was born on Friday!

Sunday Moment #37

•  Salted Caramel black tea from David’s Tea
•  Yogurt, Raspberries & fancy black current jam
•  Ticket for Inside Llewyn Davis
•  The Little Book of Lunch
 (which my mum very kindly got me and which has led to me bringing in lots of lunch to work lately)

Sunday Moment #36

•  Sugar and Spice black tea from David’s Tea
•  Crispbread with apples and honey
•  Leaflet from the London Short Film Festival that I went to on Saturday
•  Ticket for the castle museum in Linz that I went to with my cousin on New Year’s day
•  Card from an awesome folky gig in a pub that I (fortunately) got dragged along to by my friend  Peter

Sunday Moment #35

•  Tea from my tea advent calendar (a lovely present from my aunt)
•  Christmas cookies from my cousin’s grandma
•  Tickets for Frozen and the Hobbit 2
•  Ticket for watching Love Actually with my friends Amy and Alan at the Prince Charles Cinema (with mulled wine and mince pies)
•  Paper crown and terrible joke from my Christmas cracker (that I got at our office Christmas meal)

P.S.: Hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy new year!

Sunday Moment #34

•  Lime Gelato infusion from David’s Tea
•  Gingerbread stars
•  Ticket for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode (which I saw in the cinema in 3D and it was brilliant)
•  Revolver from Cluedo (which I found in the Game of Life at the pub on Friday and which we swiftly used to replace the missing pistol from my Cluedo game played later that night)
•  My shoe (which I lost a few times while dancing at a ceilidh on Saturday)

Sunday Moment #33

•  Pistachio cream from David’s Tea
•  Pistachio chocolate from Regensburg (which I got as a little present from my aunt when I was home in Germany for my mum’s birthday last weekend)
•  Book about the best worst lonely hearts ads (which I got from my cousin and which is absolutely hilarious)
•  3D glasses (from seeing Gravity with my friend Peter on Saturday)

Sunday Moment #32

•  Apple, cinnamon & raisin black tea from Twinings
•  Crispbread with cream cheese and fancy-pants blackcurrant jam
•  Cinema ticket for Ender’s Game (which I saw while my uni friends Mark and Alan came to visit last weekend)
•  Candlestick and axe from Cluedo (which we ended up playing at four in the morning when we got home from the pub)
•  Map of the Science Museum (which we went to Monday)

Sunday Moment #31

•  Blackcurrant & Vanilla fruit infusion from Twinings
•  Booklet from the amazing £5 Spanish wine testing (which I went to with workmates on Thursday)
•  Cinema ticket for Rush (which I saw with my old flatmate Anne who was visiting this weekend for an interview)
•  Card from Tom’s Kitchen at Somerset House (where we went for a slightly posh brunch on Saturday)
•  Map of the British Library (where we went for an exhibition on children’s book illustrations)

Sunday Moment #30

•  Mandarin Orange Spice from Celestial Seasonings
•  Get-rid-of-the-leftover-carrots Cake
•  The Great Gatsby (which I got as a birthday present and which I just finished reading)
• E-ticket for a free gig in east London featuring Gossling and India Borne (which I went to with my friend Alan on Wednesday)

Sunday Moment #29

•  Cinnamon, apple & raisin black tea from Twinings
•  Homemade apple crumble tart
•  A little package of Brown’s Afternoon Blend (that I got from Brown’s hotel when I went there for Afternoon Tea with my parents on my birthday and it was amazing)
•  Bag from Ladurée in Covent Garden (because my mum was super nice and bough me a whole bunch of macarons and they were really, really good)