Sunday Moment #27

•  Chocca-Roo-Brew from Joe’s Tea Co
•  Tiny black tea and raspberry cookies
•  ’The Stag and Hen Weekend’ by Mike Gayle (which I read this week)
•  In the background: the very autumnal weather we’ve been having (since we apparently went straight from August to November)

Sunday Moment #26

•  Mango cinnamon fruit infusion from Twinings
•  Fresh raspberries
•  Train ticket from London to Devon (where I spent the weekend visiting my friend Alan)
•  Day ticket for the bus (with which we got to Torquay for a ukulele jamming session on the cricket field)
•  Slightly rained on chords (from a rain shower that started halfway through said jamming session)
•  Order number from our awesome pizza at Fishstock (a music and seafood festival in Brixham that we went to later that day)

Sunday Moment #25

•  Pomegranate green tea from Twinings
•  Crispbread with loganberry jam and smashed raspberries
•  A letter from a friend all the way from the US
•  Leaflet from Somerset house (where I went to see the Erwin Blumenfeld photography exhibition today)

Sunday Moment #24

•  Orange & coconut fruit infusion from Clipper
•  Brown sugar & sea salt popcorn
•  Fortune cookie wrapper & fortune from dinner in Chinatown (with my friend Eboni who stopped by to stay with me for a few days before moving to Paris for a year)
•  Cinema ticket for The World’s End (which we went to see on Friday)

Sunday Moment #23

•  Ambessa Choco Nut blend from Harney & Sons
•  Dark chocolate caramel digestive
•  This month’s National Geographic magazine (which I don’t buy as often as I’d like since it’s a bit expensive but did this month, and which had just amazing photography as usual)
•  Cookbook with a baked salmon recipe (which I’ve been meaning to make for a while and finally got around to this weekend. P.S.: Does anyone else feel really grown up when they cook fish for dinner?)

Sunday Moment #22


•  Fairytale of Dubai black tea from Hornung
•  Mini berry crumble cakes
•  My awesome new London Starbucks mug (which I’ve wanted for a long time and finally got this week!)
• Flyer from the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society (which I saw on Saturday and was really impressed by)

Sunday Moment #21

•  Almond green tea from Dallmayr
•  Homemade orange & chai biscuits
•  Moominsummer Madness by Tove Jansson (which I read this week and which fit in perfectly with the mix of stormy and heatwavy weather)
• The cutest little milk bottle (which I acquired with Akemi last week and which I’ve been using as a photo prop quite a bit this weekend)

Sunday Moment #20

•  Apple crunch infusion from Twinings
•  Homemade scone with fancy-pants expensive jam from Wilkin & Son’s
•  A book which I got as a (slightly) belated christmas present from my friend Alan (who I finally got to hang out with this week after not seeing him for way to long)
• A wind machine photo booth picture that Akemi and I took during our lunch break and a bag of marshmallows (which is only a fraction of the free things we somehow collected this week, including free cereal, donuts and champagne)

Sunday Moment #19

•  Amaretto fruit infusion from Whittard
•  A mini bakewell tart I made this weekend
•  A custard cream from the corporate induction I went to this week (which had a proper good biscuit selection!)
• Flyer for the Ealing Blues Festival (that I went to with Akemi, my lunch buddy from work, on Sunday)