Foodie Pen Pals: September 2013

My second month of Foodie Pen Pals came around, and while I got to post a parcel to Cara (who send me something last time), a box full of fun things arrived on my doorstep from the lovely Pennie Roberts! Here’s what was in it:

A package of birds eye chillies… and an onion from her allotment! (Which was double cool because I was going to make fajitas the day the package arrived and had ran out of onions. Thanks, Pennie!)

A packaged of spiced Indian masala tea (my chai comparing project is really taking off!) and a package of coconut milk powder. Quite excited about the coconut milk powder since I have a few recipes with coconut milk bookmarked but never have any around when I want to make them!

And the best for last: since Pennie runs a great gluten-free bakery in Derbyshire, I got this wonderful rich chocolate cake as well! Doesn’t get much better than having a cake send to you. Yes, it was gone quite quickly and yes, it was really really good. (Check out her bakery website here!)

Thanks for a great parcel, Pennie!

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  1. Pennie says:

    Glad you liked it all Katinka, and thanks for the compliment on the chocolate cake. I sell a lot of that particular cake because it’s so delicious. Have had a busy weekend selling at 3 different foodie events. Glad I got myself some of that tea as well because it really perks me up.

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