Small Batch Stovetop Granola

It’s been a while! Work, summer, travel, little time in between. Though I still had tea and, equally important, breakfast.

When I find something new that I really like, I sometimes have a tendency to only want to eat/wear/do/listen to that and ignore everything else for a while. Like listening to the same awesome song I’ve just discovered 20 times on repeat and then half-heartedly changing to something else because I feel I probably ought to, only to go back to the same song again after 30 seconds.

I’ve been making and eating this granola all summer, only really varying it as far as adding some vanilla or cinnamon (or both) to it once in a while. It’s really quick to make and fairly healthy (and also tasty!), which is all I really want from my weekday breakfast, and I’ve yet to get sick of it.

I quite like the combination of almonds, pistachios and cashews, but presumably this would work with many combinations of nuts, so there’s lots of scope to be adventurous (if anyone discovers any good combinations, please report back!).

Small Batch Stovetop Granola

60g porridge oats
12g flaked almonds
20g cashews
16g pistachios
32g honey
Optional: Vanilla bean paste, Cinnamon

1. Roughly chop the cashews and pistachios. Mix with the oats and flaked almonds and roast in a big pan over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until golden brown.

2. Mix vanilla or cinnamon into the honey or leave plain. When everything is lovely and golden, drizzle the honey over the oats-nuts-mixture and quickly stir it up until everything has been coated.

3. Spread onto parchment paper and let cool. Once cooled, store in an airtight container.*

* I have found that if I let the granola sit out after it’s cooled down, it can sometimes end up getting a bit sticky and losing its crunch, so I’d recommend popping it into a jar as soon as possible.

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