The smell of melted butter and Brazilian Lime Tea

Does anyone else find it super fascinating how our mind is able to influence what things taste or smell like? Weird example: I think melted butter smells like green beans. When I was growing up, my mum usually used oil or margarine for frying, but green beans always got tossed in melted butter. So in my mind, these two are so firmly linked that that’s what I smell.
Similarly, when I was ill as a child, I had fennel or chamomile tea. I don’t like either of them now because they just taste like illness to me. (Which seems like a weird flavour description, but it’s sort of how treacle tastes like death.)

When I first bought this tea (which is from Teekanne and their World Special Tea line), I had just returned to my internship after Christmas and caught a massive cold in the process. I’m pretty sure I drank all of it within a couple of days because the lime flavour is nice and comforting without the mental association of being “illness tea”.


It’s advertised as a fruit infusion with lime & acerola flavour, and the lime comes through fairly prominently without being super acidic. There’s a bit of sweetness at the end, which I liked because it reminded me of caipirinha. I’m guessing that’s the acerola bit, or just my mind doing some clever association again because it’s called Brazilian Lime. (My flatmate Anne agreed as well, though she didn’t find the concept of warm caipirinha quite as appealing.)
I quite liked it though – it’s a refreshing tea that has a bright citrus note without being too sour. I have a feeling this would make a really good iced tea once the weather gets somewhat more summery. (And as I noticed when I took the pictures, throwing a slice of lime in it also works really well.)

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  1. Janice says:

    These are lovely. Thanks for sharing :)

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