Tea Time in Zurich

I recently went to Zurich for the weekend with my flatmate, Anne, (who’s blogging about books here, btw) and apart from climbing up mountains, eating Rösti and hanging out on boats, we also had the occasional cup of tea to warm us up since it was sunny but bloody cold most of the time.

When we got to Zurich we had about an hour to kill before our room was ready (which was epic since it had a purple bathroom with a tv in it), so we had some lunch/second breakfast at Café Bauer, the bakery right next to the hotel.

IMG_5653Vanilla-cream filled croissant and almond-filled pastry · Toffee Rooibush tea from Althaus

We had some proper Swiss food on our last day in Zürich (after we finally managed to find a restaurant that had Geschnetzeltes & Rösti but wasn’t outrageously expensive), but went to a cute little sushi place, Negishi Sushi Bar, on our first night. The sushi was tasty and I really liked the tea I got with it (featuring ginger, lemongrass, ginseng, orange peel, and mint).

IMG_5719Ginger Twist tea from Mighty Leaf Tea

After trying to get a table on Sunday around lunch time – but failing miserably because it was absolutely packed – we went to Kafi Dihei on Monday for breakfast. It’s a smallish café with a really cute and cosy atmosphere (if you ever randomly find yourself in Zurich I highly recommend checking it out!) and we got a super tasty breakfast that was fairly inexpensive.

IMG_5797Homemade bread, croissant, butter, jam, soft-boiled egg & a fruit and yoghurt shot · Cinnamon Tea


If you want to see more pictures of our trip, head on over to Photographic Memory!

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  1. Anne says:

    You mentioned me (and my blog), your lovely, lovely roommate! :) Great description of our weekend by the way. But just for the record: We did culture and drinks as well … ;)

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