Christmas Tea Throwback

Judging from my Facebook feed, it’s not only my part of the world that has been noticing the glaring absence of spring these days. A few weeks ago, there were a couple of days with lovely warm weather and sunshine and ice cream with my flatmate, which I though was a great success – but clearly Mother Nature disagrees and instead insists on delighting us with white Easter.

I took these pictures back in January and then somehow never got around to actually posting them – but even though this is a christmas tea, it seems perfectly appropriate to post them now, considering the view from my window is exactly the same as it was in December!

This tea is from Hornung, a tea and chocolate shop based in Regensburg, where part of my mum’s family lives (including my aunt that somewhat shares my¬†obsession with enthusiasm for tea.) They usually have a range of holiday & winter teas, including this Christmas fruit infusion.

It doesn’t have the typical spice-heavy Christmas aroma but rather a fruity and slightly flowery note, with orange and vanilla being cited as the dominant flavours. The flowery undertones are a bit strong when you just smell the tea (it’s a tiny bit potpourri-ish), but it balances out quite nicely when you actually brew it. The flavour itself is fruity with the orange coming through but being mellowed out by the vanilla, and there’s a hint of spice (my guess would be cloves) at the end. And, as you can see, it turns a very christmas-appropriate cheery red colour. So as long as I have to trudge through the snow every morning, I see no reason to stop sipping this or not to still be listening to the She & Him Christmas album.

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