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Sorry for letting the Sunday Moments pile up lately – but as you might have been able to guess from them, there’s been a lot happening – mainly that I (finally) got a proper grown-up job and moved to London! Exciting stuff!

Since I graduated from high school in Germany, I’ve been on the move quite a bit – I spent four years in Iowa getting my BA in English literature and communication design, then moved to Edinburgh for a year for a MSc in Publishing, and then went to South Germany for five months to do a full-time internship in the design department of a children’s book publisher. I’ve massively enjoyed all of these different stations in the past six years and while I’m far, far away from any notion of settling down, I have to admit it’s quite nice for once to not be constantly worrying about what I’m going to do next and always feeling like there’s another job applications I should be writing. Additionally, living in London – at least for a while – has been on my list of things to do in my life for quite some time, so I’m super excited to be here!

After I applied for the job, I was in London for a little less than a day to attend the interview, but as I had some free time afterwards, I managed to quickly pop into Harrod’s before seeing the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern (which was brilliant by the way), and picked up this Strawberry & Kiwi fruit infusion.

Name: Strawberry & Kiwi |  Type: Fruit Infusion  |  Brand: Harrod’s  |  Form: Loose Leaf |  Price: £3.95 for 125 g

As you might know I’m a fan of good packaging design and Harrod’s tends to do it rather well (they have a series of tea in amazing art deco tins that I’ve had my eye on for a while). While this – as one of the less expensive options – comes in a cardboard box, I still really like the look of it, cute and playful and appropriately summerly. (Excuse my tendency for artsy-fartsy pictures – you can take a proper look at the box here).

The tea itself is loose with little pieces of dried strawberry and kiwi in it – as you can see in the pictures – and has a very fruit-intense smell as well. As far as taste goes I was quite a fan of the strawberry and kiwi combo – I think the kiwi helps to balance the strawberry quite nicely, so it’s neither too dominant nor overly sweet. I think this would make a really nice iced tea as well, especially with some strawberry slices thrown in for good measure.

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