Apple-Vanilla Tea and the Perils of Grocery Shopping

When I lived in the US, I used to frequently go for quick Walmart runs thinking “Well, I only need these three things, so I should be able to make it in and out under ten minutes.”  I don’t think I even once managed to spend any less than 30 minutes in there. (And that was years after I first encountered the magic of the seemingly never-ending cereal aisle.)
I’d head in there all focused on my milk and bread and bananas and within minutes be terribly distracted by a bag of mini peanut butter cups or the warm glow of the tea aisle. And somehow there always seems to be a tea that I’d never really noticed before but suddenly sounds very intriguing and then somehow ends up in my shopping cart.


One of my recent “accidental” grocery-run tea purchases is this apple vanilla tea from Meßmer. I don’t think I’ve seen that combination around much (at least in tea) but I found that it actually works really well. The aroma has a lot of apple with only a very slight hint of the vanilla, but it comes through nicely in the tea (or infusion, if you want to get all technical) itself – not so much hitting you in the face with flavour but rather nicely toning down the tartness of the apple. It gives the tea a lovely smoothness – making it nice and refreshing, and perfect to have with a slice of cake or some biscuits.


(I also feel like a lot of berry-based infusions have a similar note to them, so I think it’s quite nice to have something a bit different.)


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