Tea Review: Canton Green Tea from Harney & Sons

Name: Canton Green  |  Type: Green Tea  |  Brand: Harney & Sons  |  Form: Silk sachets  |  Price: $4.00 for 5 sachets

Design: Harney & Sons do packaging really well – I like their simple black tins for loose leaf, but the tins that the sachets come in are always super pretty, and this one’s no exception. I got the small round tagalong tin for this tea since I hadn’t tried it before – you can also get a bigger tin with 30 sachets in it.

Scent: The tea itself consists of Chinese green tea leaves with orange oil and marigold petals. When you open up the tin you get a fairly strong citrus smell (more on the lemony side), but once it’s brewed the citrus aroma is lot more mellow and orangey. On the chance of sounding like my dad when he tastes wine (“Blueberries, forest ground, slight hint of chocolate – what do you think?” “I primarily smell alcohol, Dad.”), the scent also reminded me a bit of cooked semolina – which I realise sounds somewhat odd, but is actually quite nice.

Taste: Once it’s brewed, the liquid has a bright yellow colour. Tastewise it’s fairly mild – not a lot of bold flavours and the orange is really just a hint in there, but it’s all rather comforting. I also admittedly have no idea what marigold tastes like (people with relevant experience: please report below) but I guess there’s a bit of a floral note as well. Generally very light and smooth and you can tell that you’re sipping on some good quality tea.

All in all: A nice, subtle green tea – nothing that will kick you off your chair flavour-wise, but unobtrusively pleasant (sort of like good typography). Compared to your standard supermarket green tea it’s rather expensive, but you do pay for higher quality tea, the silk sachets and a lovely tin. Great as a small present or hostess gift for a green tea lover.

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