Judging Books by their Cover and Apricot Tea


I’ll just admit it now: I like buying pretty things. I will buy make-up because the packaging is well-designed. I tend to buy the slightly more expensive jam in the beautiful glass. I judge books by their covers. (We all do by the way – in a book shop, a book has a few seconds at best to catch our interest, and we process pictures way before our brain has made any sense of the words on it.) And despite the famous saying I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that – as long as it’s not your only criteria in the end. You have start somewhere after all! And even if the genre’s your cup of tea and the blurb sounds exciting there’s no way of knowing if you’ll actually enjoy it. The way I see it, if it turns out to be an underwhelming read, at least you still end up with something pretty on your shelf.


I have a similar philosophy when it comes to tea. Buying tea because it comes in something beautiful is one of my biggest weaknesses – and Harney & Sons’ teas are terribly dangerous as far as that is concerned. They put their sachets into these lovely colourful metal tins, but even their standard loose tea tins are exceedingly pretty. Fortunately for me, their teas tend to be pretty good as well.

One of my absolute favourites is this Apricot black tea. Just cracking the tin open a bit gives you a whiff of the apricoty goodness within. The taste actually reminds me more of dried apricots than fresh ones – it’s got a rich, nutty flavour that works excellently with the black tea and makes it lovely and smooth. There’s just a little bit of sweetness and a hint of a fruity aroma that’s not overpowering. It’s awesome. It is the kind of tea I look forward to brewing a big pot of on a slow Saturday morning and happily sipping away on it while catching up on important things like tumblr and YouTube.



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