Tea Review: Chocca-Roo-Brew from Joe’s Tea Co

Name: Chocca-Roo-Brew  |  Type: Rooibos  |  Brand: Joe’s Tea Co  |  Form: Sachets  |  Price: £4.75 for 15 sachets (30g)

Ingredients: Rooibos, vanilla pods, chocolate chips, natural chocolate flavour, natural vanilla flavour

Looks really cool and London-ish. I actually first heard about Joe’s Tea Co while reading this article on the design of the packaging, which I found cool enough to hop over to Harvey Nichol’s to pick some up. Love the typography and the details, like the little framed window on the side and the map on the inside of the box.

Smells predominately of vanilla, with a bit of cocoa thrown in for good measure.

Tastes more chocolatey than it smells, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it a really strong chocolate flavour. You also still get a bit of vanilla and the sort of earthiness of the rooibos, but without the overwhelming rooibos flavour that it can sometimes have.

All in all it’s a smooth tea with a subtle but comforting chocolate and vanilla taste. Bit on the pricey side at £4.75 for a box of 15 sachets, so not on the top of the list of things I’m rushing to repurchase, but recommended if you like good quality, cool looking tea on your kitchen shelf. If you’re in London and are looking for something for a tea-lover in your life, this would be a great one – looks much cooler than your typical souvenir tins and tastes better too.

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